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BŠez paints the road to her artistic career

April 19, 2008

During the last eight years Elizabeth BŠez has built her image and name through her paintings. Up to now 2008 has been an important year in her artistic journey.


Featured Art

"Coca Falls"
El Yunque Rain Forest, Puerto Rico
by Elizabeth Erazo Baez


In December of 2007, Bank of America asked this painter to carry out a work that represented the Puerto Rican essence, which was delivered in a gala planned in of March 2008, in the Island of Enchantment, Puerto Rico. "Coca Falls" El Yunque Rain Forest, Puerto Rico by Elizabeth Erazo Baez The artwork chosen was an acrylic painting of the Coca Falls, a detail of the rain forest of Puerto Rico, located in the national park The Yunque. The bank asked to BŠez for an original and 300 canvas reproductions reprints that were delivered last month in several meetings organized by the financial institution in Puerto Rico.

In 2000, when this resident painter in Miami decided to be a full time artist, she was conscious that was a great risk.

In spite of working as a graphic designer in the marketing field and accustomed to a steady monthly income, she could not continue to ignore the calling of becoming a dedicated artist.

"An inner voice telling me that I should continue the career of an artist and to put 100 hundred percent effort in the same way that I did for other companies", recalls BŠez. "If I could promote other companies, I knew that was able and should do it for myself".

And in spite of the uncertainty, her husband Eduardo BŠez, and her children Christopher and Natalie decided to support her. "It was difficult because I did not have 200 people waiting to buy my paintings.

No one knew anything about me or of my work, but it was something that I had to do", recalls BŠez. Judging by the selection done by the Bank of America, it confirms that was an adequate decision.

This artist born in New York of Puerto Rican parents knew that besides trying to perfect her art she needed "to be promoted".

So she continued expressing onto the canvas, the colors of the island, its ancestors, and the customs of its Latin-American roots. She divided her time between creating her art and attending as many Latin American festivals as possible from here to and between Tampa and the Keys.

She continued to work as part time designer, although now the proportion of time has changed: 80 percent dedicated to painting and to promote her art, and 20 percent for design work others.

Innate Ability

Despite periodic courses of drawing, and later on a commercial arts degree, to BŠez the inspiration and the artistic abilities have been with her since childhood. Her real passion to paint was awakened by the brilliant colors discovered during her years in Puerto Rico, the place that gives her new motivation to paint each day.

"I have always been inspired by the masters of impressionism and their play with the color and the light", explains the artist.

Uniting the color, the light, the masters and the traditional settings of the native island of her parents, Puerto Rico, is where BŠez finds each day a new story for her canvas.

Her love for the island has been well expressed through the scenic landscapes and personalities. The themes from the walls of El Morro in Old San Juan, the cigar rollers, to the farmers of tropical fruits, all tell the stories with nostalgia of everyday Puerto Rican life.BŠez utilizes the Hispanic fairs and her own website for exhibition on the Internet to show and to sell her works. Those settings have turned out to be great places for exposure. A future project of BŠez is to open her own gallery.

"I love the idea of exposure through Internet because with only a click my name or search of Puerto Rican Art, people can see my work", indicates the artist. "The Internet is very practical and is an even playing field in which I compete with other artists", adds BŠez, who is thinking seriously in the possibility of moving to Broward or Palm Beach "there seem to be more possibilities for the independent artists".

While always looking for opportunities to exhibit her art in the Florida, and keeping her website up-to-date with her new works, BŠez also works on requests for paintings that new clients ask her for.

"I try to introduce a lot of variety in my paintings", says BŠez. "A person is sure to find something that they like. I could not, and would not want to paint the same exact thing over and over. There are so many beautiful things that inspire me, what I lack is time to paint every day".