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Elizabeth Erazo Baez
(305) 338-1844

Elizabeth E. Baez
Puerto Rican Artist

UNITY Cultural Awareness
e-News Hispanic/Latino UNITY e-News Issue 2013

Cultural Fine Art, Article "Homage to centuries of tradition"

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"This month's edition of celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month and recognizes three gifted artists. These artists' vivid interpretations illustrate their commitment to their heritage and culture. They visually portray century-old traditions and customs that continue to have a positive influence on the contemporary Hispanic family and community.

Elizabeth Erazo Baez is a self-described "NewYorican": a person who was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., of Puerto Rican parents. Her parents moved back to Puerto Rico after she was born and it was there that inspiration for her work developed. Baez received an associate's degree in art and advertising design from New York City College of Technology, and worked in marketing on the creative side. She, however, always felt something was missing in her life and eventually pursued her dream of becoming an artist full time.

Baez says she has been in love with art ever since she could hold a crayon, and most of her art is influenced by her Hispanic heritage.

"I am fascinated by our stories, the folklore, music and dance performances," she remarks with obvious fondness. Many of Baez's works depict her love of watching people, especially when they are dancing.

Her love for red is also unmistakable, as shown in "Bomba Tradition," which was inspired by the movement of the dress and the gracefulness of the dancer. "When painting people, I tend to use the color red because red represents passion," says Baez.

The color red is also prominent in Baez's "Plena Dancer" and "The Salsa Dancers." In "Plena Dancer," the fullness of the dancer's dress and her look of pure pleasure speak volumes about her love for the traditional dance. "The Salsa Dancers" illustrates a rhythmic vibe between a man and a woman as they salsa freestyle.

Baez's work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions and is in private collections throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. She is active in the Hispanic community and committed to the cultural preservation and advancement of Puerto Rican art globally."

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