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Puerto Rican Artist
Elizabeth Erazo Baez
Exploring Puerto Rico through Art

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Elizabeth E. Baez
Puerto Rican Artist

Also Note: Original paintings that have been sold "Original Sold" or are not available "Original N/A"
are all still available in reproduction paper prints or as giclee canvas prints.

"New paintings are always in the works and being added, so visit often."

A New Beginning

A Meeting of the Crabs

"Palomino Beach"
Puerto Rico

"Cloudy Beach "

"Clouds Overhead Beach"
Original Sold

"Keys Beach "

"Bahia Honda Key"
South Florida Keys

"South Beach"
Miami Florida

"Cabo Rojo "

"Luquillo Beach "
Puerto Rico
LAPLAYA.jpg (22550 bytes)
"La Playa" 
Original Sold

"El Mar"
STORMYBEACH.jpg (14548 bytes)
"Stormy Beach"

"Serenity, Key West"
Key West Florida Keys

Puerto Rico"

The originals are painted in oil or acrylic onto canvas, sizes of paintings varies.
Sales tax and Shipping are additional.
Most paintings are available in Giclées.
A Giclée (zhee-clay) is one the finest reproduction processes available, it is an Iris ink jet print
onto watercolor paper or canvas. Prints can be reduced or enlarged to your size specifications.
Please contact for more information.


Coconut Grove
House Over Bridge
The Green Street Café
The Great Oak Fairchild
Alhambra Water Tower
Garita Al Cielo

Coca Falls, El Yunque
Flores de Fortaleza

Serenity Key West

Bahia Honda Key
Miami Skyline


Painting Bill Baggs Lighhouse


El Mar
Keys Beach
La Playa
Stormy Beach
Clouds Overhead Beach Cloudy Beach
Cabo Rojo
Carmen Sunset
Garita Sunset
Piñones Sunset
South Beach
Palomino Beach
Serenity Key West
Bahia Honda Key


Latin Series

Musica Criolla
Musica del Jibarito
Woman Asleep
La Fiesta del La Plena
Niño del Campo
Cutting Plátanos
Plena Dancer
Street Lamp
Piña y los Plátanos
Yellow Door
Cuatro Player
Las Tias
Jibarita Pastelera
Sofrito del Pastel
El Fog
Emerald of the South Bomba
Tobacco Y Café
Tres Reyes
El Morro
El Morro Blue
El Morro Walk
Morro in the Morning
Cloudy over Morro

El Camino
Danza Puertorriqueña
Danza Para Ti
Nuestra Musica
Amor del Mango
La Mancha
Orgullo Puertorriqueño
El Plátanal
Juana's Kitchen
Country Paradise
Día de los Reyes
Coconut Girl
Carlito The Banana Prince Misterio del Plátano
War Roosters
Three Kings in Adoration
El Campo Y Mi Gente Vejigante
Las Fiestas Patronales Parranda
Oye Mi Canto
Bomba Con Amor
Bomba Swirl
Ritmo Boricua
Noche Buena
Flamboyan de mis Recuerdos
El Morro Side Path
San Geranimo
Cuba's Morro
Lago del Campo
Capilla del Cristo
Stone Barge Vizcaya
Parque de las Palomas
Bailando En Las Puerta
de San Juan

The Heroes of Borinquen

Still Life and Nature

Bird of Paradise
Daises Dance
Fountain of Joy
Fushia Flower
Garden Chair
Golden Water Plants
Last Day
Maiden Vase
Patio Green
Sara's Horse
Sunflower Bouquet
Water Plants
Wild Flowers
Yellow Flowers in Blue
Bouquet in Blue
Orchid and the Coqui Flamboyan
Mountain View
Tropical Forest
Mangos in the Morning
El Yunque
The Road Home
Coqui in Our Roots
Mangos and Coconuts
Sunflower Field
Tropical Fruit
Yunque Forest
Yunque Mist
Pears and Plátanos
Purple Orchids
Yunque Stream
Yunque Stream Morning
Angel Trumpets
Captivating Orchids
Dinastia de la Clara Primogenito del Encanto Saddle
Tropical Mangos
Coco Rico
Flor del Plátano


Inspirational and Sentiment

Soaring Seagulls
Angel of M
Birth of a Goddess
Bringing in the Light
Colors of a Hug
Colors of Liberty
Divine Inspiration
Fill me with Your Light
Fires of Liberty
Graced by the Light Graduating the Mission Grieving
The Kick
The Holy room
The Loss of Manuel
Mother's Joy

Journey to the Pond
Cowboy Boots

A Mother's Love
The Kiss at Sunset
Faces of Childhood
Marilyn Pencil
Nobody's Child
The Bride's Gaze
An Inspiring Latina

View of Giglee Canvas print stretched onto canvas.

Reproductions Available


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Print Sizes -Paper print

11 x 14 Matt art size 7.5 x 9.5 $30
8 x 10 Matt, art size 4.5 x 6.5 $20
5 x 7 Matt, art size 3 x 5 $10

See Giglee Canvas
Prints Page

Canvas is stretched onto a wood frame
11” x 14s” for $125
16” x 20” for $185

Larger sizes available on most images.

See Giglee Paper
Prints Page

Giglee Paper Print heavyweight paper)

11” x 14” for $125
16” x 20” for $185

All prints are signed and numbered by the artist. Not all paintings are available in print. Plus shipping & handling. Florida residents add .07 sales tax.

Comments on print order... "Thank you I received them last Wed in excellent condition.  The prints look more beautiful in person.  My mother, aunt, grandfather & girlfriend saw them and were also impressed with your work."
-Denzil Otero, CA




Canvas Prints
Paper Prints




To Aspiring Artists

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This site contains Latin American Art. Elizabeth Erazo Baez captures the heart and soul of Puerto Rico on canvas - Puerto Rican art exploring Puerto Rico, our Latin culture, the Puerto Rican people, boricua, latino, paintings of fruits and foods of Puerto Rico, La Isla de Encanto's tropical landscapes, coconuts, palm trees, sandy white beaches, musical instruments, admiring our latin musicians, Plena and Bomba dances and dancers. Visit on line gallery for original hispanic art /latino art, fine art paintings, canvas prints and note cards.

Bienvenidos! Aquí encontraras una colección de pinturas de bellas artes por artista puertorriqueña Elizabeth Erazo Baez. Sus pinturas captar el corazón y el alma de Puerto Rico en lienzo - el arte Puertorriqueña que explora Puerto Rico, nuestra cultura latina, ser Puertorriqueño, Boricua, Latina, las pinturas de frutas y comidas de Puerto Rico, La Isla de Encanto paisajes tropicales, los cocos, palmas, las playas blancas, instrumentos musicales, admirando a nuestros músicos latinos, los bailes y los bailarines de Bomba y Plena . Visite la galería BAEZ para ver el arte hispana original / arte latina, pinturas de bellas artes, reproducciónes y tarjetas de nota.

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  • Landscapes
  • Seascapes
  • Portraits
  • Still Lifes
  • Seascapes Murals
  • Family Portraits

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