by Elizabeth Erazo Baez

Acrylic on Canvas

Original Sold

"Dedicated to my friend
America and to all the beautiful dancers
who keep our Puerto Rican traditions alive!"


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"Thank you very much Elizabeth! By the way your work is beautiful. The Bomba giclee is a gift for my wife who sings and dances for a Bomba troop here in Maryland. After looking at about 5 different artists renditions of the dance, I came across yours and searched no longer. Your painting portrayed the not only the beauty of the dance but the relationship between the dancer and her drummer that is so very important in Bomba."

Thanks again!
George C.    
Columbia MD

9 Cards
Blank inside with 9 envelopes $12

14 Cards
Blank inside with 14 envelopes $15


Giclee Prints Canvas Print
11" x 14" $125

Giclee Prints Canvas Print
16" x 20" $185

Giclee Prints
Watercolor Paper Print
11" x 14" $125

Giclee Prints
Watercolor Paper Print
16" x 20" $185


Paper Prints
in Off White Double matts

8"x10" Aprox. Artsize
11" x 14" matt $32.00

6"x8" Aprox. Artsize
8" x 10" matt $22.00

3.5"x6" Aprox. Artsize
5" x 7" matt $12.00


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