" Parque de las      Palomas" 
by Elizabeth Erazo Baez
Acrylics on Canvas
24" height x 12" width
Original $1,100 (U.S. )

"Whether you are young
or old, walking through
a park filled doves and
pigeons is a thrill.
Make no mistake
you are the guest in
home of the doves and pigeons.

"The Park of the Doves
is right next to
Capilla del Cristo in
Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.
A small park that you could spend
the whole day daydreaming
and looking
at the pigeons mingling
with visitors.

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9 Cards
Blank inside with 9 envelopes $12

14 Cards
Blank inside with 14 envelopes $15



Giclee Prints Canvas Print
8" x 16" $125

Giclee Prints Canvas Print
12" x 24" $185

Giclee Prints
Watercolor Paper Print
8" x 16" $125

Giclee Prints
Watercolor Paper Print
12" x 24" $185


Paper Prints
in Off White Double matts

4"x9" Aprox. Artsize
11" x 14" matt $32.00

3.5"x6" Aprox. Artsize
5" x 7" matt $12.00


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