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"Serenity, Key West"
Key West Florida

by Elizabeth Erazo Baez
Acrylics on Canvas
48" width x 24" height
Gallery wrap

"It was another calm
morning in the paradise of
Key West, Florida.
Simply too beautiful
not to stop
and just admire.
The Florida Keys'
sky and water are so rich in color, it looks unreal."

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9 Cards
Blank inside with 9 envelopes $12

14 Cards
Blank inside with 14 envelopes $15


Giclee Prints Canvas Print
8" x 16" $125

Giclee Prints Canvas Print
12" x 24" $185

Giclee Prints
Watercolor Paper Print
8" x 16" $125

Giclee Prints
Watercolor Paper Print
12" x 24" $185


Paper Prints
in Off White Double matts

4"x9" Aprox. Artsize
11" x 14" matt $32.00

3.5"x6" Aprox. Artsize
5" x 7" matt $12.00


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